Wine making

When the grapes have reached optimum ripeness, they are manually picked plot by plot.

Harvesting by hand enables us to carry out three separate sortings : the first one on the vine in the vineyard and the others at the harvest reception area.

Once the grapes have been de-stemmed, the berries are transferred into temperature-controlled concrete vats to be vinified plot by plot.

When the alcoholic fermentation is over, the wine macerates with the skins for 3 to 4 weeks.
The wine is then run into carefully selected French oak barrels for its ageing.

During its ageing in barrel, the wine is racked once or twice, and after 16 to 17 months it is filtered and bottled.

Jean-Philippe Fort, one of Michel Rolland's team of œnologists, has been Corbin’s wine-making consultant since 2006.